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Mountain State Honey Company LLC
Parsons West Virginia
Specialty Products


Honey Mustard 
Has a touch of horseraddish
to give it a little kick
Sweet and Tangy
  4 oz jar                $2.50
                           7 oz jar                $4.00                         
Pint Jar                  $6.00

Honey & English Walnuts      
Pure honey over English walnuts  
Use over ice cream or your favorite dessert    
             7 oz jar           $5.00   

Creamed Honey 
Specially processed honey 
easy to spread
Made with our Goldenrod Honey
16 oz of spreadable honey 
6 oz tub                       $4.00


        Honey Candy          
Hard candy with a honey center.  

4 oz bag                 $2.00
   8 oz bag                 $3.50  
16 oz bag                 $6.00 


Plastic straws filled with honey.  
Your choice of: Green Apple, Blueberry, 
Grape, Cinnamon, Pink Lemonade,  
  Watermelon, Raspberry, Chocolate
Peach or Pure Honey. 
(net weight 5 grams each stix  
4 honeystix for                     $1.00  

 20 stix gift pack
choose from
2 of each of different honeystix flavors    $5.00

        20 Pure honey honeystix                     $5.00       


                                                                             One ounce bars        $1.00                                                           
Two ounce bars with honeycomb shape    $1.75                                                                                               One lb blocks                $10.00
Over 20 lbs.                  $7.00 lb

Beewax Candles

7 oz Candle in a mason jar tied with a ribbon  $12.00 each
Green, Purple or Blue raffia ribbon