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Mountain State Honey Company LLC
Parsons West Virginia

Please choose the type of honey desired when ordering. 

Currently available:
West Virginia Honey produced by our bees:

Basswood- mild summer honey, made from the blooms from the basswood trees.

Locust- very mild, just sweet, honey

Sourwood Mix/Wildflower- mild sourwood honey with a little darker honey mixed in, nice sweet flavor.

Goldenrod Honey- Rich honey with a buttery taste.

Tree of Heaven-mild honey slight florial taste

Tulip Poplar-dark rich sweet honey

Pasturized honey not produced by our bees:

 Alfalfa Honey- very mild honey light spicey flavor. We think it tastes like cinnamon.

  Clover Honey- made from clover blossoms, what most people think of when they                                          think of honey
Orange Blossom Honey- mild sweet honey 

Buckwheat Honey- very dark rich honey. If you like Buckwheat, this honey is for you



2 oz Teeny Tiny Bears - very cute! 
Just the right size for party favors.
Honey also available in 2 oz hex jars!
1-49 $2.25 each   
50-99  $2.15 each
100 plus $2.00 each

Honey Bears:

6 oz wee bear                    $3.25
8 oz baby bear                   $4.25
12 oz mama bear               $5.50



 22 oz Pint jar of honey       $  8.75
44 oz Quart                         $16.50


Plastic Jars with flip top lids for easy pouring
all bottles have honeycomb designs:
16 oz jar with no drip lid                     $ 7.50
3 lb jar with flip top lid                      $17.50
5 lb jar with flip top lid                      $27.50

Hex jars-  are cute in gift baskets
2 oz hex jar of honey                             $2.25 
5 oz hex jar of honey                             $3.25
9 oz hex jar of honey                             $5.50
12 oz hex jar of honey                           $6.00